Last modified: January 03, 2019

Preparing for your class

By accepting to host a virtual class, you agree to participate in all steps of the class preparation. To prepare for the class you will need to: 

  • Submit your class details: full-plan (shared via dot points) detailing what will be covered in your class (supported by QLC’s outline structure) 
  • Attend QLC’s virtual training session: only required before your first class with QLC
  • Submit your class plan and slides one week prior to your scheduled class date

Ownership of content

If you work with the QLC team to develop your session, QLC owns the class outline, while you own the actual content. You will also own the slides that you create for your class.
If you’re hosting a class created solely from your own material, you remain the sole owner of the content. 

Virtual classes

All QLC classes are hosted virtually, unless otherwise noted. You agree that when accepting to join a virtual class, you will have a stable Internet connection, webcam access, and earpiece/headphone access.


Instructors are expected to sign online 10 minutes before the scheduled class time. 

Breakdown of the two class types:  

Sessions are 45 minutes. 

If you’re hosting a session, please note the following breakdown of the class: 

  • 15 - 17 minute Instructor delivering talk
  • 30 minutes flipped-classroom discussion

Workshops are 75 minutes. 

If you’re hosting a workshop, please note the following breakdown of the class: 

  • 50 minutes hands on exercises
  • 25 minutes for introduction, discussion, and wrap up 

By agreeing to host a class, you understand the time commitments for each respective class type and commit to joining for the entire duration of the session or workshop.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your class, you will need to let the QLC team know at least 72 hours (3 days) before your scheduled class. QLC reserves the right to remove you as an Instructor if you fail to notify us of your cancelled class according to the timeframe above. 

Instructors are not compensated for sessions that they cancel or fail to attend. 

Independent Contractor

By accepting to become an Instructor with QLC, you agree to be paid as an Independent Contractor. As an Independent Contractor, you accept the following terms:

  • You will use your own equipment and tools to prepare for and deliver classes
  • You and QLC do not have a partnership or employee-employer relationship
  • You cannot enter into contracts, make promises, or act on behalf of QLC
  • You are responsible for your own taxes


You will be compensated for each class that you deliver with QLC. The compensation structure for QLC classes is as follows: 

  • $80 for a session
  • $120 for a workshop

QLC issues payments on the 30th of every month. QLC will issue all compensation payments via PayPal.

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