When you make your listing, you are able to choose from a catalogue of projects, which have a predefined scope and set of deliverables. 

At what stage can the project be changed?

The scope of your project can only be changed before it goes live; i.e., before we open it for candidates' applications. 

Once the project is open and candidates are applying, you can no longer change the scope.

Why is that?

We very carefully select the scope of each project to fit within a 6-week timeframe, with  a 5- to 10-hour weekly requirement for each candidate. Changing the scope may lead to an increased workload for candidates, which may result in delays, confusion, or even candidates dropping out. 

Additionally, candidates start projects with certain expectations about the types of skills they will develop. Changing the scope might mean changing the skills required for participating in the project as well as altering the final outcome for what candidates will have learned as a result. This might lead to not being able to finish your project.  

Are there exceptions?

If your project was selected to run with candidates ready to start but you believe the scope has to be changed because it no longer fits your business needs, schedule a meeting with us and be ready with the following:

  • information on your project type and when it was listed, and
  • details on how you want to change the scope; 

Make sure you have gone through the other types of projects we have before you contact us to discuss changing the scope.

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