Candidates want to work for interesting, innovative businesses and with inspiring mentors. Proving you and your business you can offer them these things begins with strong profiles. Here are the best practices we have developed for building strong profiles that attract quality candidates: 

Mentor Profiles:

  • Upload a professional photo of yourself. This adds more value to you as a mentor, since candidates will be able to visualise the person they’ll be spending the most time with on their project. 
  • Talk about your accomplishments. In the "short bio" section, include the most interesting experiences you've had not only as an entrepreneur but also as an individual. Inspire candidates and show them why you will be a great mentor—include information that will appeal to candidates looking for someone to guide them through their project and get them excited about the weeks you'll be working together.

Business Profiles:

  • Give a comprehensive description of your company. [Pro Tip: The first two lines of your description appear in the list of projects applicants see. Make sure these two lines best describe what you want candidates to know so you can grab their attention and stand out.]
  • Include your logo. This gives credibility to your business. 
  • Provide links to all your social media profiles, making your company easy to find. Candidates can learn more about you and even follow you. 

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