There are two types of questions in the application: General Questions (Your Story) and Project-Specific Questions. We recommend that you learn the difference the two types of questions in order to tailor your responses and thereby increase your odds of getting selected.

Type 1: General Questions (Your Story)

Answers to these questions will be saved and duplicated (pre-populated) for all future applications. Questions include:

a) What makes you, you?

b) Are you currently working on anything outside of school?

c) Tell us about something you read or watched that has changed your life. Why?

d) Tell us about the last time you worked in a team. How did you contribute?

Type 2: Project- Specific Questions

Answers to these questions will change for each project; take care to answer them carefully, keeping in mind the requirements for the project and what might be expected of you as a candidate. Questions include:

a) Why do you want to join this project?

b) Do you have any prior experience related to this project's role?

c) What is special to you about this project?

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