If you are looking to get a recommendation letter related to your project, we suggest asking your project mentor. 

Project mentors are usually more than happy (when asked nicely) to provide some sort of recommendation highlighting your contributions and achievements on the project. We suggest exploring LinkedIn recommendations over traditional letters to help build your digital presence and personal branding.

When you should ask for a recommendation:
Approach your mentor after your project has ended. This will give him or her more time to observe and understand your strengths and style. 

How you should ask for a recommendation:

  1. Prepare: Your mentors are busy people! Write a draft to makes his or her job easier... but don't make it ridiculously complex or wordy. Keep it simple. 
  2. Keep it relevant: Include points your mentor can validate; i.e., if you worked on a social media marketing project, don't talk about your leads generation expertise. 
  3. Approach them: Know their preferred method of communication. It could be dropping them a direct message on Slack or sending an email. 
  4. Purpose: Let them know how you will be using the recommendation and why you value what they have to say about your work. 

Good luck! 

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