We welcome and support companies from a variety of industries and markets, including E-Commerce, Mobile, Social, Web Tools, Games, and Gadgets. Regardless of the market there are five rules every QLC.io project must follow:

1. Projects must be hosted by companies that fall within our five selection criteria.
QLC.io is looking to inspire the next generation of workers to explore exciting career paths around the world. We carefully curate companies that display (1) entrepreneurship, (2) an exciting brand, (3) an innovative product, (4) in an exciting market or (5) have strong social impact. Applicants should see your company and say, “Wow, I’d love to work there!”

2. Projects must be honest and collaborative

Our community of students and working professionals are looking to lend their time to help your company. It’s a way for them to spend time with a company that share their values, and hopefully can help themselves learn about a new industry or develop a new skillset. We expect the project to be a fun and collaborate experience for both hosts and candidates.

3. Project hosts must take ownership of and responsibility for their project.

Whilst our platform manages the training, onboarding, and project management of the QLC.io candidates, project hosts should take ownership of keeping candidates engaged, on-track with hitting milestones, and coordinating meeting times.

4. Projects must not be used as outsourced labour.

If you expect to be paying an intern or virtual assistant for the role, then listing a QLC.io project isn’t right for you. Candidates are on the platform to develop digital skills through tasks that are crafted and pre-scoped by our team so they are consistently learning by doing. If you’re planning to use QLC.io to do mass cold-calling, cold-emailing, manual scraping of websites, or similar tasks of that nature, please head to freelancer websites.

5. Projects cannot involve prohibited services or products.
We prohibit projects that are illegal, abusive, or potentially dangerous for our candidates. This includes anything that involves pornographic material, drugs, offensive acts or materials, laundering of any sort, or anything weapons-related.

These rules don’t cover every possible use of QLC.io, but they generally explain our purpose and perspective.

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