Your project is starting and you want to be prepared for it, right? Of course!

Six weeks is a short amount of time, so you will want to be as prepared for the project as possible and not spend time preparing briefs and documents about your strategy or collecting old content to share with your candidates for reference.

To reduce the time wasted on "admin" during the project, we recommend that you prepare three types of documents prior to the start of the project.

1. Current practice

Document current practices for your candidates. For example, you listed a sales optimisation project to enhance your leads generation and achieve a higher conversion rate. What is your current process? Where do you usually find your leads, how do you usually contact these leads, and what has the result been so far?

  • Recommended document: Process of current practice, results collected, any suggestions to look into.

2. Tools you use

What kind of platforms are you on? What tools do you use to perform certain actions? Is there a way for your candidates to learn about this tool without you explaining?

  • Recommended document: Links to tool/software "How it works" page or self-written tutorial, links to YouTube tutorials, etc, 

3. Past work for reference

What have you tried, what works, and what doesn't? Help your candidates save time with your experience. For example, you listed a Content Marketing project looking to develop a new strategy to increase brand awareness and social followers. What type of content have you tried, and what are the results so far? Is there a particular trend that your users follow?

  • Recommended document: Links to past work, documents of any past data recorded.
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