Each project has its own unique timeline to suit your project goals. However, a project can generally be broken down into eight weeks (the first two of which are before the project's stated start date).

Onboarding week (-1 week from start date)

This is usually the week your application is released. Only candidates will be involved in this week. The key tasks to perform during this week are:

  • Accepting your email offer (check your inbox)
  • Join your team on Slack (instructions available on your project dashboard)
  • Introduce yourself to the team (where you're from, what you do, why you applied this project)

Orientation week (week of stated project start date)

Mentors will be joining their respective project this week.

If you are working in a team, we recommend hosting an internal team meeting to get to know each other better and start doing basic research to understand the business you are working with.

It will be useful to start interacting with your mentor and obtain information from them. (For example: If you are working on a content marketing project, ask if they have any existing documents to share.)

Week 1

Time to meet your mentor! Understand what they need and start the discussion on how you can help them with their business.

This is the best time to ask them about their life story and history of their business; what they have achieved, challenges they've faced, and their goals.

Week 2—Week 5

Depending on your first meeting, each project will go through a different path during this period. We recommend breaking it down into two main parts: Research and Implementation. Certain projects might place more emphasis on research, especially if you are working on developing a fresh strategy for the business, whereas other projects might dive straight into implementation if an existing strategy is already in place. 

Week 6

The final week can be a rush! Be sure to check that you've handed over all documents to your mentor, hold a final meeting to get any feedback (work-related or personal), and fill up your QLC.io evaluation form!

During the last week, you will be briefed about what happens after a project has ended.

You can always chat with our support team through the chat box on our platform if you face any issues along the way.

Good luck! 

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