Like any other team-related situations, communication is key to success. provides each project with a communication channel to start off with: Slack. We strongly recommend remaining on it due to its key features, including:

  • apps for mobile and desktop,
  • Google Drive integration, and
  • file sharing.

We believe these functions support remote working and keep everyone on the project team on the same frequency.

Ultimately, we encourage our users to find a communication platform everyone involved in the project can easily use. This could be mobile chat apps such as Whatsapp, WeChat, or Facebook Messenger, or more traditional platforms like Skype.

Whatever platform you end up using, make sure everyone can access it and is able to check it on a daily basis.

Defining the problem to solve

Each project has its own unique problem to solve. It is up to the mentor to clearly define the problem (otherwise known as "Project Description") before the project starts.

A powerful project description should have:

  • A problem statement;
  • Current practices;
  • Suggested solutions (if any); and
  • An ideal outcome.

Every candidate involved should have a clear understanding of what they are trying to achieve by the end of the project.

Preparing early for the project

Six weeks is a short time. It's good to prepare yourself for the project to speed up the initial phase to give your project a head start.

For mentors, we recommend the following actions:

  • Fill up the Introduction Deck; 
  • Prepare documents in advance; and
  • Check that your project description is accurate.

For candidates, we recommend the following actions once you're placed into a project:

  • Familiarise yourself with your project's Resource Library*
  • Read the Introduction Deck in advance of the introduction call with your mentor*
  • If you are in a team, meet your teammates (either virtually or in-person)*

*Information can be found on your project dashboard

Mutual respect

Be a normal human being and don't be a jerk. Remember that everyone is committing their time to learn and achieve something.

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