There are three categories of projects currently available for candidates:

  • Digital Marketing;
  • Business Development; and
  • Data Analytics

Digital Marketing
Projects under the category of Digital Marketing (DM) are divided between:

  • Social Media Marketing (either Social Media Launch OR Social Media Management);
  • Content Marketing (either Content Marketing Launch OR ¬†Content Marketing Management);
  • Email Marketing (either Email Marketing Launch OR Email Marketing Management); and
  • Video Marketing (this excludes production).¬†

Business Development
Projects under the category of Business Development (BD) are divided between:

  • Business Development (prospecting new customer segment and defining a new sales approach/value proposition) and
  • Sales Optimisation (scaling your sales process to prospect more efficiently).

Data Analytics
Projects under the category of Data Analytics (DA) include data processing to identify trends and insights to improve product and data collection.

For more details on the exact deliverables for each type of project, click here.

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